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Esther Sim


Esther is a certified aerial yoga, wheel yoga, 200YIC mat yoga, Pre & post natal yoga instructor and a certified Usui reiki level 3 therapist. she also discovered that the benefits of yoga are beyond physical and can help one to cultivate peace, positivity and awareness of the mind, body and soul. Esther believes that it truly transforms us, helping us to cultivate strength, poise, and health in the body while instilling clarity, mindfulness, and present.

Esther是一位经过认证的空中瑜伽,轮瑜伽,200YIC地面瑜伽,产前和产后瑜伽教练以及一位认证的Usui reiki 3级治疗师。她还发现瑜伽的好处不仅仅在于身体,而且可以帮助人们养成和平,积极性以及对思想,身体和灵魂的意识。Esther相信,它真正地改变了我们,帮助我们在体内灌输清晰,正念和当下的同时,增强了身体的力量,平衡和健康。

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