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Soffeya Liew


Soffeya is the co-founder of Shan Yoga and Dance studio. Her yoga journey started with muscle stretching and pain relief (from scoliosis due to long hours as a piano teacher for over 14 years). She has maintained consistent practice of yoga ever since. Soffeya is a certified instructor (200hr) on Yin yoga, wheel yoga, rope yoga and Hatha yoga (200hr). She is also accomplished in belly dance, having participated and won a variety of prizes from competitions in the local and international scenes. Soffeya specialises in arm balance/strength exercises as well as alignment practices, and cardio dance choreography. Through the establishment of Shan Yoga and Dance studio, Soffeya hopes to help students achieve complete healthiness (physical, mental and spiritual) through the development of kindness , strength, balance, flexibility and resilience. “Harmony. Healing. Health”

Soffeya是一个浑身上下充满着艺术细胞的小精灵,能歌善舞,特别在肚皮舞方面有着卓越成就,参加过当地和国际现场比赛,并赢得了各种奖项。曾经是钢琴老师的她,由于长时间的久坐,导致了脊柱侧弯,为了缓解肌肉紧张和疼痛,她开始了瑜伽,通过自己的练习受益匪浅。于是真正开始进修瑜伽,并取得了阴瑜伽、轮瑜伽、绳瑜伽和哈达瑜伽(200 小时)的全美国际认证教练。她合创了善瑜舞。希望通过这个平台可以吸引更多舞者在一起,也能让更多人练习瑜伽受益,她也希望这个舞台能传播善良,健康和欢乐.....

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