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Syazwan Rahmad


Syazwan Rahmad is a Singapore-based dance choreographer and performer. He is widely respected and highly sought after in the industry as a professional elite dancer. Syazwan is trained in a wide variety of dance styles including Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Street Jazz, Ethnic Fusion and many more. He conducts dance classes with his own label called 'Syazwan Series' in these genres for children, teens and adults. Besides teaching, he also dances competitively, and has clinched awards in numerous national dance competitions in Singapore such as, Dansamania (MediaCorp, Suria), Super 24, Danceworks, Gatsby and Jim Beam Dance Competition among others. He is also a professional commercial dancer and has danced for many renowned artists like Rick Astley, Johnny Hates Jazz and Siti Nurhaliza. He has also performed for local and international musicals such as 'SUPER MOMMY ENY', 'BEAUTY WORLD’ and 'IMPAK MAKSIMA Musical'. He represented Singapore twice under Singapore Tourism Board and PICO Art International as a performer at the WORLD EXPO in Shanghai (2010) and Yeosu, South Korea (2012). Also in Syazwan’s repertoire of professional works are his choreographies for local artistes such as Sandra Riley Tang, MunahHirzi, Benjamin Kheng, Tay Kewei, Tosh Zhang, Inch Chua, Aisyah Aziz and many more. He is a resident dance choreographer for Sandra Riley Tang and has choreographed 3 of her music videos to date. In his work, Syazwan’s love for dance never fails to ignite his passion to perform on stage and live his life to the fullest, one dance at a time.

Syazwan Rahmad 是新加坡的舞蹈编舞和表演者。作为一名专业精英舞蹈家,他广受尊敬,在业内备受追捧。Syazwan 接受过各种舞蹈风格的培训,包括嘻哈、爵士、街头爵士乐、民族融合等等。他为儿童、青少年和成人举办舞蹈班,并拥有自己的品牌'Syazwan系列'的舞蹈课程。除了教学,他还经常参加舞蹈比赛,并在新加坡的众多国家舞蹈比赛中获奖,如丹萨马尼亚(MediaCorp,Suria)、Super 24、舞蹈作品、盖茨比和吉姆梁舞蹈比赛等。他也是一个专业的商业舞蹈家,并曾为许多著名的艺术家跳舞,如里克·阿斯特利,约翰尼·恨爵士和西蒂·努哈利扎。他还为本地和国际音乐剧演出过,如《超级妈妈恩尼》、《美丽世界》《IMPAK MAKSIMA音乐剧》。他代表新加坡旅游局和PICO艺术国际公司两次代表新加坡出席上海世博会(2010年)和韩国Yeosu(2012年)的表演者。在Syazwan的专业作品中,还有他为当地艺术家的编舞,如桑德拉·莱利·唐、穆纳希尔齐、本杰明·肯、泰·克威、托什·张、蔡英奇、艾赛雅·阿齐兹等等。他是桑德拉·莱利·唐的常驻舞蹈编舞,至今还编排了3个音乐录影带。在他的作品中,Syazwan对舞蹈的热爱总是点燃他在舞台上表演的激情,每一支舞都是独一无二的。

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